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Current Version: Version 1.25

What's MP3Share?

Simplifies Sharing of MP3 files over MS Networking

Main Features include:

1. Easy file sharing requires no drive mapping
2. Full Integration with Winamp
3. Works on any size network, from home networking to company wide
4. Search feature for finding files quickly
5. *NEW* ID Tag editing
6. *NEW* Multiple Shares per computer
7. *NEW* Pluggin Integration. No more separate .EXE file
8. *NEW* System Tray Icons
9. Freeware. No fee for non commercial use.
10. Easy to use and install.

Installation Instructions:

When downloading, make a note of where you store the file you receive. That way you can find it later.

Simply double click from windows Explorer to install.

This software runs under Windows NT 4.0/2000 and Windows 95/98/ME and requires Winamp 2. It does not work with Winamp 3. Someday I'll get time to upgrade it to the new pluggin structure

A More Detailed Description

Suppose you're at work, and you and your friends all have MP3 files you're listening to with Winamp.

Suppose you want to share those files.

Suppose you're all on a network, but your evil network manager won't let you use network disk space to store the MP3 files.

Or maybe they're all diabolically opposed to the MP3 format because they heard Lars from Metallica complain on the news.

You COULD go through the pain in the neck of mapping a drive over to your buddy's machine.

Of course, you're gonna run out of network drives if you got more than a few friends.

Or.... You could use MP3Share.

What you do is have all your friends set up a shared drive with the same name, for example MP3$ (HOT HOT TIP: Using a $ at the end means it won't show up when Joe Luzer browses your computer).

Of course, they put all of their .MP3 files in their shared MP3$ drive. You then enter all of your friend's machine name(s) (Found under Network settings in Win 95/98/NT) into MP3 Share, and you get a list of all their MP3 files. If you and your buddies follow some simple naming standards, it provides a pretty cool list of everyone's files.

Get MP3Share

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